Letter from the Board Chair and Board Members 2015

Letter from the Board Chair and Board Members 2015

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From the Board Chair-

Thank you for considering a gift to the trailblazing work of Discover Life in America. Your contribution will help build the history-making effort that is the All Taxa Bio-Diversity Inventory in your backyard, in the Smokies.

  • As of this year, YOU have discovered 951 species brand new to science, as well as an additional 8,095 species not previously known in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • YOU have trained hundreds of volunteers to assist with the ATBI who have recorded many hundreds of volunteer hours.
  • YOU have granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to scientists and educators in support of their efforts to discover the biological riches of the Great Smoky Mountains.
  • YOU have sponsored “Bioblitzes,” such as Beetle Blitzes, Fern Forays, Lepidoptera Quests, and other intensive field surveys.
  • YOU have created education programs that provide young people with the chance to learn biology from some of the world’s foremost authorities.          
  • YOU have created a database and website to gather and share valuable information and to communicate the excitement of discovery to scientists, Park managers, and the world.
  • YOU have created a model ATBI in the Smokies for future ATBIs around the world.
  • YOU assisted volunteers, working to conserve several at-risk trees in the Smokies with our Tree Teams Project, in finding an extremely rare “punk caterpillar.’

Modern-day explorers from across the country and around the world are coming to OUR national park to learn ATBI methods. At the same time, scientists from the Great Smoky Mountains are crossing oceans to encourage and enable exploration of an ATBI nature in other lands. Please support this vital exchange of knowledge.

Give to this groundbreaking work near home that adds to the storehouse of knowledge concerning the incredible diversity of life on our planet. Please invest in education, in science, in medical breakthroughs.

Again, thank you for your contributions. Please send a gift today for this innovative work of discovery.

2015 DLIA Board of Directors


Leslee Alexanderelected 2013 (2015) LTA Consulting, LLC, TN
Kristen Austin elected 2012 (2017) The Nature Conservancy, SC
Steven Bohleber elected 2013 (2015) Bohleber Law Offices, IN
Richard Carroll elected 2015 (2017) Duke University (WWF retired)
Logan Coykendall elected 2011 (2016) Hospitality Management Solutions, Gatlinburg
Dr. W. Michael Dennis elected 2007 (2015) Breedlove, Dennis & Associates, Inc., FL
TW Garrett Board Vice Chair 2014 (2016) Elk Foundation, TX
Tanner Jessel elected 2015 (2017) University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Sara Kuebbing elected 2013 (2015) University of Tennessee
Keith Langdon elected 2013 (2015) National Park Service (retired)
Michael McKinney elected 2015 (2017) University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Bruce Minkin, M.D. elected 2013 (2015) Surgeon, NC
Patricia Parr Board Chair elected 2009 (2017) Oak Ridge National Lab (retired)
Sean O'Connell elected 2015 (2017) Western Carolina University, NC
Lee Poston elected 2012 (2017) World Wildlife Fund, Wash DC
Moria Robinson elected 2009 (2017) University of California, Davis
J.J. Rochelle elected 2013 (2015) Pro2Serve, TN
Dr. Charles R. Smith elected 2011 (2016) Cornell University (retired), NY & TN
RB Summitt II Treasurer - elected 2008 (2016) Sevier County Bank, TN

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