Class Liliopsida

Class Liliopsida

By chuck - Posted on 26 September 2010

Class Information: 

This class is one of the two classes in the park that are considered to be "flowering plants". As with the other group of flower-producing plants, this one also provides an interesting variety of species. You probably recognize the many lilies and trilliums, but notice all of the aquatic orders.

Class Common Name: 
Lilies, trilliums, sedges, grasses, rushes, orchids, etc.
Eucarya > Plantae > Magnoliophyta >

Orders of Class Liliopsida

Order Common Name Photo Example Where?
Alismatales Water plantains (NA) here
Arales Arum, duckweeds, and sweet flag (NA) here
Commelinales Spiderworts, Mudplantains, and Yelloweyed Grasses (NA) here
Cyperales Sedges and grasses (NA) here
Juncales Rushes, etc. (NA) here
Liliales Lilies and trilliums (NA) here
Najadales Pondweeds and aquatic grasses (NA) here
Orchidales Orchids (NA) here
Typhales Cattails (NA) here

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