Intern Testimonial - Eric Zimdars

Summer 2011: PR/Media

by Eric Zimdars

When I found out that I would be the first PR/Media intern for DLIA, I was excited and nervous. But after a few conference calls with executive director Todd Witcher, I felt confident that the summer would turn out to be a rewarding experience. By tailoring the organizations needs with my proficiencies, I was able to begin the process of solidifying the PR/Media position for future interns. Managing DLIA’s social media outlets was very rewarding, and throughout the internship I participated in field biology, taxonomy, non-profit management, and downright intern grunt work- But! I was able to live in the Smokies for an entire summer with three amazing interns, myriads of wildlife, and miles of hiking trails! Need I say more?!

Many thanks go out to the staff of DLIA and the Environmental Leadership Center of Warren Wilson College for bestowing upon me such an enriching opportunity.

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