2014 Salamander Ball

2014 Salamander Ball

Don’t miss out on this years Great Smoky Mountains Salamander Ball, the masquerade fundraiser of the year, hosted by DLiA!  Come to the Zoo from 6 to 10 PM, dressed as your favorite Smoky Mountain creature, and enjoy fun for the whole family. With a Smokies Salamander Parade, live band performance, and live and silent auctions, you and your family can have fun together while supporting research and preservation in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The Knoxville Zoo is a new location for the Salamander Ball, and we think the perfect locale! Nothing else in Knoxville is quite so wild!  When it comes to setting a truly exotic stage for your special event, no place compares to Knoxville Zoo.  Lions roar in the distance, monkeys chatter nearby, and a giraffe might even stretch his neck in your direction to check out the party. The Zoos unique venue provides the perfect backdrop for the Great Smoky Mountains Salamander Ball.


Bring the whole family! There is something for everyone, including:


  • Date and Time: Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 6 – 10 pm
  • Place: Knoxville Zoo, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Cost: $75/person, Kids 12 and under free!


This event is based on the fantastic, children’s book by Lisa Horstman with the same title. Each family with kids attending the event will receive a signed copy of this great book. Welcome to Great Smoky Mountains National Park--Salamander Capital of the World. Inside this book you'll follow Sara on a camping trip to the Smokies and share her delight as she becomes the first human ever to witness a Salamander Ball. Over 30 species of salamanders live in the park, including the red-cheeked, which lives nowhere else on Earth. It's this wondrous diversity of life that makes the Great Smoky Mountains so special, earning them protection as a national park. There will be a surprise appearance by Big Red the mascot for the Salamander Ball and for all the Smokies’ salamanders.


The Vibraslaps are a new commodity on the Knoxville scene, but hardly a new commodity. This unique cover band is a mix of rock veterans who originally came together for a special occasion and had such a good time that they wanted to keep it going. The band performs covers from the 60s through today, with an emphasis on the early days of MTV and 80s alternative hits.


Holly's Eventful Dining is our sponsoring caterer this year. Holly Hambright has nearly 30 years experience in the food industry. We will have a great selection of Hors d’oeuvres including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. We will have drinks for all ages including, Polywog Punch for the kids, and an open bar with beer and wine (provided by Sugarlands Cellars and Smoky Mountain Brewery) for the adults.


The Clayton Family Kids Cove is one of Knoxville Zoo's most fun-filled exhibits. This children's play area is based on an early 1900s Appalachian farm. While kids of all ages enjoy the zoo, Kids Cove is aimed specifically at those 12 and under. Kid’s and adults alike will get to visit Kid’s Cove and enjoy the animals, barn loft, play area, carousel, night club, beaver pond and aviary.


Attendees will enjoy a unique live and silent auction, which will include wonderful items with wildlife, Smokies, local and regional themes. Elaine Graham, the balloon lady, will entertain the crowd with her exceptional balloon and auctioneering skills. Many one of a kind items and experiences will be available to purchase. Click Here for an auction item sampler.


Yes, you are invited to join the many Great Smoky Mountain National Park supporters and admirers in our celebration of the discovery of life in one of our country's most biologically diverse mountainous national parks. The Great Smoky Mountains Salamander Ball is a masquerade ball and fundraiser for Discover Life in America to support the amazing biological inventory in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This event is for adults and children of all ages so come dressed as your favorite Smokies’ critter!

This is your chance to have fun and support the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory or ATBI.  Don't pass up this special opportunity to be a part of a unique ecological undertaking to find and document every species in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, from ferns and fungi to birds and beetles. The effort began in 1998 and is serving as a model for efforts to document the diversity of life throughout the nation—at other national parks, state parks, and in other preserves, large and small. To date, just over 930 species have been identified that are new to science and approximately 7,800 species new to the park right here in your Smokies!

Saturday, September 13th
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Knoxville Zoo
Knoxville, Tennessee
Cost: $75 for adults and free for kids under 12
You can purchase tickets on our online store.
Have a memorable time with your family while supporting the cause of DLIA!

Sponsorship packages are available. For details, download the Sponsorship PFD, or contact Todd Witcher.


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An Official Thank You to all who attended, helped with, and contributed to this year's Salamander Ball! It was great fun for all.

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